Replacing Paper Signatures with Electronic Across Europe

Digital Signatures has changed the landscape of business across Europe forever with the advent of EIDAS and PAdES. With digital signatures having the same legal standing as paper signatures, companies are changing the way they do business across borders within Europe.

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RMS & PDF Technology

Rights Management Services, more commonly known as RMS, is a hugely important feature for companies when dealing with document management. Companies can restrict the level of access that customers and staff have to documents and what they can edit, share and print, leading to a tighter run document management system that protects highly classified information.

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Cloud Storage & PDF Technology

Cloud storage is a digital data storage model whereby files and folders are stored on one or more third-party servers, as opposed to on local computers. Using the internet, or intranet, as the connection between your computer and the cloud server, through a login screen, a user can access the server from any location in the world, at any time. But why store data in the cloud?

There are a lot of different reasons. Discover these on Foxit SDK’s Blog

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Creating Kiosk Mode Apps with PDF Technology

Creating an app that end users will consume on their device comes with their own security warnings but are not as exposed as applications designed for use by end users on an organization’s device. When creating an app, companies have to think about who will use it and how will it affect their business. For an end user operating an application on an organization’s premises, on the organization’s device, there are additional things to take into account. For example, if a customer using a tablet in a bank reception area can they access important information they should not be privy to on that device?

There are a lot of different ways that Kiosk Mode can help businesses like these protect themselves. Learn more about creating Kiosk Mode apps with PDF technology on Foxit SDK’s Blog

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Digital Signatures Across Time

Digital Signatures have come a long way from even a decade ago. In 1977 Ronald Rivest, Adi Shamir and Len Adleman invented the RSA algorithm, which was the first algorithm that was used to produce an early version of a digital signature. Then, in 1994, the US government made the Digital Signature Standards (DSS), introduced by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the standard for electronic document authentication. For the first time, digital signatures became a commonly accepted method of signing.

Read about digital signatures and how it has become an important part of PDF Technology in the past 20 years on Foxit SDK’s Blog

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The PDF Viewer Trifecta


The Trifecta are the platforms that most companies are looking to support when they release new apps for their customers — Android, iOS and UWP. Some businesses are focused on trying to use web browsers to deliver cross-platform web apps to their customers, but they can create an incomplete user experience and performance which is not as impactful as native apps.

But many companies are now turning their focus to providing their apps as platform native solutions. Providing these solutions has its advantages, such as high performance, better user experience and greater app store visibility but they can be costly in time. Deciding the right solution for your end user is very important.

Discover more about the PDF Trifecta on Foxit SDK’s blog

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The Powerful Work of Annotations

Annotations are hugely popular in many different text processing tools, like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc, but have you ever considered the uses of annotations in PDF documents through our PDF Software Development Kits (SDKs)?

Annotations, in the broad sense, include not only regular PDF annotations but also text markups (think text highlighting, underlining, strikeout, squiggly, etc.), drawing annotations (think shapes like circle, rectangle, arrow), and other annotations, such as notes, free text, as well as standard and dynamic PDF stamping.

Read about the many reasons to use Annotations in PDF Documents through Foxit SDK’s Blog

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How Mobile PDF Technology Can Disrupt Industries

More and more companies are becoming mobile first or mobile only organizations. With staggering figures showing that extraordinary numbers of people are accessing the internet through a mobile device as opposed to a desktop computer it has never been more important to evaluate your products to make sure that they are optimised for the right platforms. This goes for applications too. Here at Foxit we are noticing that more industries than ever before are looking to us to provide software that can move their applications into the future through mobile first PDF technology.

Discover two of the most future focused industries to learn from on Foxit SDK’s blog

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UWP and PDF: What You Need To Know

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced an extension to the Windows Runtime platform called Windows Universal Platform, or UWP for short, which was created with a platform homogeneous application architecture and common core API to allow software engineers to develop universal apps that can run on Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One and Hololens.

That’s pretty cool, right? If you are using Windows 10, UWP apps are available through the Windows Store and have a fluid and more modern user interface to classic Windows desktop applications and are optimized for traditional keyboard/mouse setups and touch screens.

Microsoft’s intention is for UWP to be the future building block of Windows apps and programs, and we are happy with that.

To find out what ways PDFs can be affected by UWP visit Foxit SDK’s blog

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PDF and the Edge Case

The PDF specification, first as a published standard and then as an ISO standard has been freely available for years. Any programmer can read the PDF specification and start creating their own PDF API to sell as an SDK, or to power their own PDF software application.

However, the PDF specification is about 1,000 pages long, and also references a range of other standards such as image standards, XML standards, font standards and so on. Add to the mix that some areas of the PDF specification are ambiguous and you can see how ensuring your PDF engine can consume billions of different PDF files could be problematic as every PDF is unique in some way.

Due to these rigorous standards many startups and even larger companies, will first look to a commercially licensed SDK or an open source project.

To read more visit the Foxit SDK Blog Article – PDF and the Edge Case

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