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The Importance of SEO for PDF

Let us get a few things out in the open from the get go, in the world of SEO, PDF are not the highest ranked in terms of indexing. HTML pages are still much better at this stage because of … Continue reading

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11 New Features in Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 That You May Have Missed

Over the past 12 months Debenu PDF Aerialist has been given a new lease on life with its user interface completely re-engineered to work with Acrobat 9, Acrobat 10 and Acrobat 11. But the changes haven’t just been visual, a … Continue reading

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TechGod1’s Awesome Songify-style Review of Debenu PDF Maximus

We asked Garry Drummond (TechGod1) to review some Debenu software a while back – including one of our favorites – Debenu PDF Maximus and he did a incredible job. We thought we’d spice it up a little as a bit … Continue reading

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PDF Batch Processing with Debenu PDF Tools Pro

Over the years we’ve heard some wild stories from customers about how they’ve had to spend hours and hours manually updating PDFs files. One customer recently told us that before they started using Debenu PDF Aerialist (an Adobe Acrobat plug-in) to … Continue reading

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Lawyers: Don’t Waste Time and Money Printing PDFs to Paper and Then Scanning Them Back to PDF

What do you call a lawyer that prints a perfectly good PDF to paper and then scans it back to a PDF so that there is no hidden information in the PDF and the text in the PDF can’t be … Continue reading

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Running Quick PDF Library On 64-bit Machines

Over on the Quick PDF blog we’ve just published an article explaining how to use WoW64 to run Quick PDF Library on 64-bit machines. The information in this article covers all editions of Quick PDF Library and should enable most … Continue reading

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How to backup the Benubird database file

We’ve had a few customers ask us if there’s any way they can back up the Benubird database. Well, there’s nothing built-into the user interface at the moment — however, I can tell you the location of the Benubird database file and you can copy this into your archive for safe keeping. Continue reading

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Skype helps us communicate better

I was reminiscing this morning while browsing the web archival from 2001 — thanks Google — when it struck me just how profoundly the way we work, communicate and interact with the web and each other has evolved. It’s hard to imagine … Continue reading

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