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Vector graphics, Image handling, Annotations and hotspot links, Page layout


Adds an SVG file as an annotation to the current page. This is only supported if the PDF is viewed using Adobe Acrobat 6 or Adobe Reader 6. Earlier and later versions will not show the SVG annotation.


Windows/Delphi, Windows/ActiveX, Windows/DLL, Mac/Dylib, iOS, Android


Left double The horizontal co-ordinate of the left edge of the annotation rectangle
Top double The vertical co-ordinate of the top edge of the annotation rectangle
Width double The width of the annotation rectangle
Height double The height of the annotation rectangle
FileName unistr The path and name of the file containing the SVG image.
Options int32 This parameter is ignored and should be set to 0

Return type and values

0 int32 The SVG file could not be opened
1 int32 The SVG annotation was added successfully

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