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Vector graphics, Barcodes

Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 8.15.


This function draws a USPS Intelligent Mail (also known as OneCode) barcode onto the page.


Windows/Delphi, Windows/ActiveX, Windows/DLL, Mac/Dylib, iOS, Android


Left double Horizontal co-ordinate of the left edge of the barcode
Top double Vertical co-ordinate of the top edge of the barcode
BarWidth double The width of the bars
FullBarHeight double The height of a full bar
TrackerHeight double The height of a tracker bar
SpaceWidth double The width of the spaces between the bars
BarcodeData unistr The barcode data to encode. This should be a 20, 25, 29 or 31 character string containing only the digits 0 to 9. No spaces or any other non-numeric characters will be accepted. The second digit has a maximum value of 4.
Options int32 0 = Normal
10 = Bar width reduction

Return type and values

0 int32 The barcode could not be drawn
1 int32 The barcode was drawn successfully

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