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Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 9.15.


Draws a PDF417 symbol onto the selected page. Similar to DrawPDF417Symbol but providing extra functionality.


Windows/Delphi, Windows/ActiveX, Windows/DLL, Mac/Dylib, iOS, Android


Left double The horizontal coordinate of the left edge of the PDF417 symbol
Top double The vertical coordinate of the top edge of the PDF417 symbol
Text unistr The text to store in the symbol
Options int32 0 = Normal
1 = Rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise
2 = Rotate 180 degrees
3 = Rotate 90 degrees clockwise
FixedColumns int32 0 = Auto
Non-zero = fixed number of columns
FixedRows int32 0 = Auto
Non-zero = fixed number of rows
ErrorLevel int32 -1 = Auto
0 to 8 = User error level
ModuleSize double The width of the smallest element in units defined by a call to SetMeasurementUnits
HeightWidthRatio double The ratio of the needed module height to the module width

Return type and values

0 int32 One of the parameters was invalid or the text was too big for the symbol site.
1 int32 The PDF417 symbol was drawn successfully

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