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Vector graphics, Barcodes

Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 10.11.


Draws a QR Code onto the selected page.


Windows/Delphi, Windows/ActiveX, Windows/DLL, Mac/Dylib, iOS, Android


Left double The horizontal coordinate of the left edge of the QR Code
Top double The vertical coordinate of the top edge of the QR Code
SymbolSize double The width and height of the QR Code
Text unistr The text to encode in the QR Code
EncodeOptions int32 0=Auto
4=UTF-8 with BOM
5=UTF-8 without BOM
DrawOptions int32 0 = Normal
1 = Rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise
2 = Rotate 180 degrees
3 = Rotate 90 degrees clockwise

Return type and values

0 int32 The QR Code could not be drawn, check for an out of range value for the EncodeOptions or DrawOptions parameter.
1 int32 The QR Code was drawn successfully.

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