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Image handling, Page properties

Version history

This function was introduced in Quick PDF Library version 8.13.


This function finds all the images on the selected page and returns an ImageListID that can be used with the GetImageListCount, GetImageListItemIntProperty, GetImageListItemDblProperty, GetImageListItemDataToString, GetImageListItemDataToVariant and SaveImageListItemDataToFile functions.

As of version 10.13 will include Inline images but the ImageID will be 0 for any inline image which means that any inline images cannot used with ReplaceImage or ClearImage functions.


Windows/Delphi, Windows/ActiveX, Windows/DLL, Mac/Dylib, iOS, Android


Options int32 Reserved for future use, should be set to 0.

Return type and values

0 int32 The images on the page could not be enumerated.
Non-zero int32 An ImageListID value

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