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FireMonkey Compatibility

FireMonkey is a modern cross-platform GUI framework developed by Embarcadero Technologies for Delphi and C++ Builder. The Delphi edition of Debenu Quick PDF Library is fully compatible with FireMonkey applications for Windows and Mac development through the Delphi IDE. Debenu Quick PDF Library does not currently support iOS and Android.

Generate PDF bookmarks from folder structure

One way to optimize the online viewing experience for PDF is to split larger documents into smaller files for faster downloading. By adding bookmarks, it’s possible to offer a seamless viewing experience across multiple documents for users. While it is also possible to join PDF documents using links, links are included in line with document […]

Releasing buffer memory when using DLL or LIB edition

With a DLL there are a few different ways of handling memory. Many libraries ask the user to create the buffer but with the DLL and LIB editions of Debenu Quick PDF Library the library itself maintains the buffer. So if you call a certain function that returns a string then that memory will be […]

Create PDF bookmarks from a table of contents (TOC)

Bookmarks provide a fast and convenient way to navigate through PDF documents. Unlike links, which are included in line with PDF content, bookmarks can be constantly accessible through the Bookmarks Panels in viewers like Adobe Reader, Acrobat and Debenu PDF Tools Pro. This makes PDF bookmarks distinctively useful for efficiently navigating through PDFs. While it’s […]

Redacting content in a PDF

Those working in the government, legal, pharmaceutical, healthcare and many other sectors often need to deal with confidential or privileged information. It is crucial to protect this information from being released to unauthorized readers. Traditionally, this has been managed through the process of redaction, which involves permanently deleting or censoring content so that sensitive information […]

Validating PDF links and bookmarks

Links and bookmarks provide a quick and usable way to navigate within and between PDF documents. When they are broken for some reason, this disrupts the reading experience, and can make it impossible to navigate through important content. Manually checking through each PDF for broken links is tedious and time-consuming, as this involves opening each […]

How to use Dropbox with Watched Folders via Debenu PDF Tools Pro

The Watched Folders feature in Debenu PDF Tools Pro has been optimized for use with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other popular cloud-based and file-syncing solutions. Once configured, this allows you to run PDF Tools Pro remotely from any device that can access the shared folders, including mobile devices. For this to function, the computer […]

How to increase performance for programs using Debenu Quick PDF Library

The performance of PDF generation depends on both the volume of data being processed (i.e., source input) and the specific code used. Using Debenu Quick PDF Library, PDF generation is done entirely in memory. This means that, when working with longer files, performance can often be increased by breaking up the generation process. This involves […]

Creating “roadmap” bookmarks across multiple documents

Debenu PDF Aerialist can easily link related PDFs by adding a set of “roadmap” bookmarks to every file in the collection. This can be invaluable if you deal with PDFs report with external appendices, a multi-part submission or e-filing, or even just a large document that has been split for easier online viewing. To add […]

How to Insert a Table into PDF

Creating tables with text formatted using standard HTML tags is straightforward using Debenu Quick PDF Library. After positioning and creating the table, set the default HTML styles for the specific HTML tags to be used for formatting, then the content can added using the SetTableCellContent function. Some sample Delphi code for creating and formatting a […]

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