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How to quickly draw many paths in your PDF files

Sometimes when drawing many paths on a PDF, for example when exporting thousands of lines from a CAD plot to a PDF, the process of drawing the paths can be slow. The slowness is related to the process of adding the required commands to the content stream and reallocating memory each time a new path […]

Error: BadImageFormatException was unhandled

Despite the unhelpful name, the BadImageFormatException error almost always results from confusion with 32-bit/64-bit DLLs and project settings. For example, you’ve tried to load a 32-bit DLL into a 64-bit application or you’ve tried to load a 64-bit DLL into a 32-bit application. This error message can be easily replicated in a 32-bit C# application […]

Memory optimization tips when processing large PDF files

When dealing with PDF files that are very large in file size (north of 1 GB) or PDF files that have many pages (north of 1,000 to 10,000 depending on documents contents) it is desirable or sometimes necessary to write code that ensures memory usage does not climb too high. We will continue to enhance […]

Convert absolute links to relative links in PDF files

In this article we explain how to convert absolute links to relative links using the Find/Replace Destinations feature in Debenu PDF Aerialist. Absolute and relative links are used in PDF files when linking to external files. Go to “Acrobat > Plug-Ins > Debenu PDF Aerialist > Links > Find/Replace Destinations” In the “Search for:” field […]

Registration-free COM for ActiveX DLL and ActiveX Control

Registration-free COM allows you to use an ActiveX DLL or ActiveX Control in your application without having to register the ActiveX on the end-users machine using regsvr32. It does this by creating a manifest file which if distributed with the executable means that no registration is required. This is only supported in versions of Windows XP and […]

Trial License Keys and Previous Trial Versions

Under normal circumstances, a user can download and install a 30-day trial version of any Debenu product for each machine. Once that time has elapsed, the evaluation license will expire, and the software will be cease to function until it is activated by entering a full license key. If a new major update to the […]

Running a Mail Merge with Debenu PDF Aerialist

Performing a simple mailout is relatively simple if you can send exactly the same content to each recipient. This task is significantly complicated when you need to include personalized information in each document. With Debenu PDF Aerialist, however, you can merge information from a CSV or text-based data file with a PDF form to produce […]

ASP.NET Website Projects and Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library can be used in ASP.NET Website projects to add rich PDF features to websites. It works in much the same way as it does for regular desktop or server applications. Please note: there is a difference between a ASP.NET Website project and a ASP.NET Web Application project. This article deals with ASP.NET Website […]

Can I insert an image into a PDF form field?

No, Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Tools do not support inserting images into PDF form fields.

How to map PDF coordinates to Delphi graphics canvas coordinates

Pages in a PDF use points (1/72 of an inch) as the default measurement units with the origin or the coordinate system at the bottom left corner of the page. The measurement units can be changed using the SetMeasurementUnits function to inches or millimetres. The origin can be set to the top-left corner of the page (or […]