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Export and import links from a PDF

Depending on your workflow, you might need to apply the same set of links to many PDF files. For those who need to add links to forms, letterhead or the like, the ability to export and import links between PDFs can be a crucial time-saver. That way, the links only need to be manually created […]

Export and import bookmarks from a PDF

Depending on your workflow, you might need to apply the same set of bookmarks to multiple PDF files. This can be important, for example, when regular reports follow the same format (including pagination). In such situations, having the ability to export and import bookmarks between PDFs can be a crucial time-saver. That way, the bookmarks […]

How to change link properties in PDF files

Adjusting the properties of links, such as appearance and destination zoom individually can be time-consuming and prone to error. In some circumstances, such as when preparing documents for eCTD submission, setting the correct link properties can be extremely important. Debenu PDF Aerialist can be used to set the properties of all links in a document […]

How to use rendering and printing add-on with Debenu Quick PDF Library

With version 10.13 of Debenu Quick PDF Library a new rendering and printing add-on was included which provides full support for transparency, shading patterns, tiling patterns and much more in PDF files. This new rendering engine is part of the standard Debenu Quick PDF Library although it is a separate DLL which will need to be […]

Reducing PDF File Size with Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist

PDF can support the inclusion of any number of elements, including images, text, multimedia and various interactive objects such as forms. These all contribute to file size, however. Sometimes, it can be important to produce smaller files for easier emailing, uploading or downloading. Between them, Acrobat and Debenu PDF Aerialist offer a wide range of […]

Detecting empty pages

From time to time, it can be necessary to detect and process empty pages. For example, one might want to delete blank all pages or add a “This Page Intentionally Left Blank” stamp to each page. Nevertheless, detecting empty PDF pages can pose special challenges due to the nature of PDF files. Although PDF is […]

Compare documents with Debenu PDF Aerialist and Acrobat

Debenu PDF Aerialist has been built to work in concert with Acrobat. As such, it is designed to work with the existing functionality of Acrobat, and avoids unnecessary feature duplication. One often-requested feature is the ability to scan through and compare documents. This is a great time-saver when trying to develop a version control workflow, […]

Generate Table of Contents (TOC) from folder structure

For faster downloading or online viewing, it can be helpful to split larger documents into smaller files — or alternatively, to avoid merging smaller documents in the first place. Regardless, keeping this content separate need not reduce the ease with which your content can be navigated. One option is to generate bookmarks based on the […]

ASP.NET and Debenu Quick PDF Library

Debenu Quick PDF Library can be used in ASP.NET web projects to add rich PDF features to web apps. It works in much the same way as it does for regular desktop or server applications. There’s some technical differences between an ASP.NET Web Site project and an ASP.NET Web Application project. We try to cover issues that […]

Working around the Delphi character limit for JavaScript strings

Problems can arise when working with longer JavaScript strings using Debenu Quick PDF Library. Essentially, these issues occur due to the nature of Delphi, the programming language in which Debenu Quick PDF Library is written. Delphi has a hard 255-character limit for string constants, which means that longer strings can’t be used in the standard […]

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