Batch process and sequence tasks

Debenu PDF Aerialist takes Acrobat to the next level with its advanced tools for splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarks, hyperlinks and process automation.

The productivity functionality enables you to develop your own macros, tools and toolbars, and to roll them out across a team of Acrobat® users.

Make powerful macro tools with JavaScript. Simplify the Acrobat® user interface by displaying only your preferred menu items, tools and menu items. Share all tools and toolbars across workgroups.

Features include:

  • Create powerful JavaScript macros.
  • Share toolbars across workgroups.
  • Make shortcuts to menu items, commands and tool buttons.
  • Open files and Web pages from the toolbar.
  • Make multiple toolbars.
  • Copy toolbar buttons from any of Acrobat’s own toolbars.

Make tools

Make tools from the following methods and commands:

  • JavaScript macros – Develop your own complex tools with JavaScript and roll them out across a workgroup.
  • Toolbar buttons and menu items – Add Acrobat’s existing toolbar buttons and menu items to your own toolbars.
  • Acrobat® commands – Use Acrobat’s in-built commands, including Comments, Document, Page, JavaScript and PDF Consultant.
  • Open file and Web pages – Add toolbar buttons that link directly to files or Web pages.
  • Third-party plug-ins – Use commands from third-party plug-ins.

Pre-defined toolbars and tools

Debenu PDF Aerialist also come with a number of sample toolbars for office, print, management and developers, each containing a range of useful tools.

Customize the look of your toolbar buttons

If you’re not done with customizing how Acrobat® works for you, you can always edit or design your own toolbar buttons to go with your tools. This feature is currently only available on the Windows version of Debenu PDF Aerialist.