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ARTS PDF Extends ARTS PDF Search for Complete Automation of Web-based Indexing and Searching

Melbourne, Australia — February 20, 2004

ARTS PDF, the leading developer of PDF tools for PDF professionals, today announced the release of ARTS PDF Search 1.5. The software package enables developers to design customized solutions for Web browser-based searching of large PDF document collections.

“Developers can quickly rollout full-text searching solutions and administrators can easily maintain the indexes all via the COM interface,” said Gary Armstrong, VP of Sales, ARTS PDF. “This means all a company needs to do to launch a PDF search application on a Web site is to concentrate on making sure the associated pages are customized to fit the existing style of the site.”

ARTS PDF Search is designed especially for PDF document searching and supports Boolean, proximity and wildcard searches. Query results feature hit highlighting and direct page linking within PDFs, making it perfect for searching and navigating massive document collections.

“The latest release is the result of working closely with our customers and partners,” said Sean Stewart, Senior Product Manager, ARTS PDF. “The completely server-side (and standalone) ARTS PDF Search 1.5 comes with a number of new features that improve the rollout of the search application, enhance the search functionality and automate index administration. Additionally, we’re pleased to announce a revised server licensing model, putting ARTS PDF Search in a class of its own.”

The major additions and improvements include: the full automation of querying and index management, rebuilding, logging, backing up and restoration via the COM interface; code and script samples for fast rollout; a standalone GUI that no longer requires Acrobat® for index management; and fully customizable thesauruses and stemming dictionaries.

Pricing and Availability

ARTS PDF Search works with Windows 2000 and above and is available immediately. The product can be purchased at PDF Store and our extensive range of resellers for US$1,295. Special multiple-server pricing starts at $995 for the second server and $795 for any additional server. For further information about ARTS PDF Search 1.5, and to download a demonstration copy or try an online demo, visit the Debenu Web site.


ARTS PDF has been developing software and custom solutions focusing on Adobe Acrobat and PDF since 1997 and today has operations spanning North America, Europe, and Australia. The advanced range of ARTS PDF tools extends the power of Adobe Acrobat, making it easier for businesses to publish PDF documents efficiently and consistently. The company’s software is used by thousands of business, technical, print production, and creative professionals.

ARTS PDF is a division of Debenu.

About Debenu

Debenu is one of the world’s leading PDF and document management software vendors and has developed popular software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats. It has the goal of making working with documents much easier. Its products such as Debenu PDF Maximus, Quick PDF Library, Benubird PDF, Quick PDF Tools and the entire ARTS PDF range of products, are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.