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ARTS PDF Releases New Tool For Adding, Editing and Generating Bookmarks in Adobe

Melbourne, Australia — April 4, 2003

ARTS PDF, the popular Adobe® Acrobat® third-party developer, has announced the release of its new tool for improving navigation through PDF documents. ARTS PDF Bookmarker lets you add, edit, build, replace and delete bookmarks across one or more PDF files. The tool helps users make almost any PDF file more usable and easier to navigate.

“ARTS PDF Bookmarker is a tool Acrobat® users having been rolling round on the floor crying out for,” said Tim Hartley, Product Manager, ARTS. “Bookmarks are probably the most intuitive, user -friendly navigational tool that Acrobat® offers — and most users instantly understand their purpose — but authors rarely make good use of them. The problem has always been that manually creating, adding and editing bookmarks in Acrobat® has been such a laborious process. Enter ARTS PDF Bookmarker.”

ARTS PDF Bookmarker has been built to save users time. By allowing users to import and export settings, and by providing batch processing functionality, users can process and update large collections of PDFs with a minimum of time and effort. Additionally, it has been engineered to work with ARTS PDF Tools, making it even easier to quickly access and run commonly used bookmark processes.

Use the Build Bookmarks feature to automatically generate bookmarks based on the font styles and layout used in your PDFs. After setting the combination of attributes that must exist for a bookmark to be generated, ARTS PDF Bookmarker can quickly scan one or more PDF files to build the bookmarks for each document. Additionally, you can save your Build Bookmarks settings by using the Import/Export functionality so you can reuse them to process large collections of PDF files.

Use the Add Bookmarks feature to create a set of user-defined bookmarks; save your set of bookmarks using the Import/Export functionality so you can reuse them in batch processes. Use the Find Bookmarks feature to delete or replace only the bookmarks that match the search criteria you specify; once you have entered the content to search for, Find Bookmarks scans the text of all the bookmarks of the PDF files you have selected and updates them based on the text and properties changes you have specified.

Pricing and Availability

ARTS PDF Bookmarker is available immediately and runs on most Windows platforms. It can be purchased through the Debenu store for US$249.


ARTS PDF has been developing software and custom solutions focusing on Adobe Acrobat and PDF since 1997 and today has operations spanning North America, Europe, and Australia. The advanced range of ARTS PDF tools extends the power of Adobe Acrobat, making it easier for businesses to publish PDF documents efficiently and consistently. The company’s software is used by thousands of business, technical, print production, and creative professionals.

ARTS PDF is a division of Debenu.

About Debenu

Debenu is one of the world’s leading PDF and document management software vendors and has developed popular software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats. It has the goal of making working with documents much easier. Its products such as Debenu PDF Maximus, Quick PDF Library, Benubird PDF, Quick PDF Tools and the entire ARTS PDF range of products, are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.