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Debenu Announces the Acquisition of iSEDQuickPDF from SEDTech (Pty) Ltd.

February 4, 2009

Debenu, the company that created Benubird Pro, the leading personal document manager for SOHO users, today announced the acquisition of SEDTech’s PDF manipulation and management product, iSEDQuickPDF.

“Quick PDF Library was first released in early 2001 by SEDTech and is one of the most popular libraries used for creating, managing, and rendering PDF files. We’re extremely delighted to add this to our suite of products,” stated Karl De Abrew, Debenu CEO. “Whilst development slowed considerably over the past few years, we’re happy to say that it’s now under new management. We’ve been feverishly working on a new and updated Quick PDF Library release ‘behind-the-scenes’ bringing version 5.11 to 7.12”

Major changes from version 5.11 to version 7.12 include:

  • AES 128-bit encryption
  • PDF slideshow / presentations / page transitions
  • Renderer to support gradients
  • Import/header files for ActiveX and DLL in a variety of programming languages
  • Implementation of simple TrueType rasterizer
  • Embedded file grouping and links
  • Support for Japanese fonts
  • Improved image parsing
  • Noticable performance increase

“With later versions, we intend to focus on PDF/A, 3D support, tagged PDF and batch utility features,” De Abrew added. “In short, using our extensive experience with PDF technology, we plan to build Quick PDF Library into the ‘Swiss army knife’ of PDF toolkits.” For more information visit the official Debenu website.


All existing customers and those who purchase version 5.11 after Feb 3, 2009, will be entitled to receive a free upgrade to version 7.12 when it is released in late Q1 this year.

About Karl De Abrew

Karl De Abrew is Debenu’s CEO and co-founder, along with being a seasoned speaker, moderator, industry commentator, software developer, entrepreneur and a driving force in the early days of the PDF industry. Back in 1997, when PDF was still in its infancy, Karl also founded Nitro PDF Software, and he led the company to many significant achievements, including the successful launch of Nitro PDF Professional (the first true alternative to Adobe Acrobat), ARTS PDF (one of the world’s leading PDF software developers), as well as Planet PDF, the most popular website for the PDF community, and was at the forefront of popularizing the use and adoption of PDF technology.

About Debenu

Debenu is one of the world’s leading PDF and document management software vendors and has developed popular software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats. It has the goal of making working with documents much easier. Its products such as Debenu PDF Maximus, Quick PDF Library, Benubird PDF, Quick PDF Tools and the entire ARTS PDF range of products, are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.