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Debenu Announces the Release of Quick PDF Library (formerly QuickPDF/Quick-PDF) version 7.12

March 21, 2009

Debenu, the company that created Benubird Pro, the leading personal document managent tool for desktop users, today announced the formal release of its PDF API, Quick PDF Library 7.12 (also known as QuickPDF or Quick-PDF SDK).

“We released Quick PDF Library 7.12 beta for preview in January, 2009 – since then, we’ve been working extremely closely with our customer base to ensure that our final PDF API release is first-class,” stated Karl De Abrew, Debenu CEO. “I’m now pleased to say that this is definitely our best offering to date, and is now an almost limitless PDF toolkit suitable for almost all forms of PDF development.”

The PDF Developer API offers an extensive set of functionality:

  • Specifically targeted for ASP, C++, C#, Delphi, PowerBASIC, PowerBuilder and Visual Basic
  • Save-to-stream and Load-from-stream support for web serving
  • Advanced PDF rasterizer with RenderPageToDC and gradient support
  • Advanced PDF page combining, cloning, extraction, imposition and merging technology
  • Advanced PDF encryption, decryption (including 128-bit encryption) and digital signatures
  • TrueType font support (including font embedding)
  • Support for Japanese fonts and Turkish codepage (1254)
  • Comprehensive form field and JavaScript support
  • Built-in PDF barcode support
  • Advanced drawing, including circles and arcs
  • Rotated text, multi-line paragraph text, word-wrapped paragraph text
  • Outline and hypertext functions
  • Embedded image, file grouping and links
  • Blazing performance increase and much more…

“In addition, I’m thrilled to announce that the www.quickpdf.org website will become the official user-to-user forum for Quick PDF Library,” stated De Abrew, “For over 4 years a dedicated group of Quick PDF Library (formerly iSEDQuickPDF and QuickPDF) users have been supporting their fellow developers over at www.quickpdf.org, providing expert advice and help, and powering a fantastic user-to-user forum, which has helped literally thousands in need. This is exciting news as it ensures that the library’s users will continue to enjoy the benefits of a very strong PDF community.”

“All existing customers who purchased version 5.11 after Feb 3, 2009, are entitled to receive a free upgrade to version 7.12,” De Abrew added, “Using our extensive experience with PDF technology we’ve moved that one step closer to making QuickPDF into ‘The Unrivaled PDF Developer Toolkit(TM)’.”


For more information visit the official Quick PDF Library website – http://www.quickpdflibrary.com. The user-to-user forum is freely available at http://www.quickpdf.org

About Karl De Abrew

Karl De Abrew is Debenu’s CEO and co-founder, along with being a seasoned speaker, moderator, industry commentator, software developer, entrepreneur and a driving force in the early days of the PDF industry. Back in 1997, when PDF was still in its infancy, Karl also founded Nitro PDF Software, and he led the company to many significant achievements, including the successful launch of Nitro PDF Professional (the first true alternative to Adobe Acrobat), ARTS PDF (one of the world’s leading PDF software developers), as well as Planet PDF, the most popular website for the PDF community, and was at the forefront of popularizing the use and adoption of PDF technology.

About Debenu

Debenu is one of the world’s leading PDF and document management software vendors and has developed popular software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats. It has the goal of making working with documents much easier. Its products such as Debenu PDF Maximus, Quick PDF Library, Benubird PDF, Quick PDF Tools and the entire ARTS PDF range of products, are used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide.