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Debenu PDF Viewer SDK 12.11 Released

Melbourne, Australia — November 4, 2015

Debenu, a world leader in PDF productivity solutions for developers and end users, today announced the immediate release of a major new version of its drag-and-drop PDF viewer control, Debenu PDF Viewer SDK 12.

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK is an add-on to Quick PDF Library, a general PDF creation, manipulation and printing library, making the combination of the two a powerful solution for any companies looking to add PDF viewing and manipulation to their desktop applications.

The new major version of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, as well as one consolidated binary which includes the viewer, the library and rendering engine in one ActiveX DLL.


Debenu PDF Viewer SDK 12

  • New GetSelectedText method
  • New SetNavigationPaneMode method
  • Quick PDF Library and rendering add-on now compiled directly into one binary for Debenu PDF Viewer SDK
  • SearchPDFText method now returns the number of string occurrences instead of a bool value
  • Fixed unhandled exceptions when library not successfully not unlocked
  • Fixed missing onPageCountChanged event when opening document
  • Fixed ZoomFitWidth and ZoomFitHeight issues from 11.15

“Our goal with version 12 of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK was to make the development experience easier for our customers. The end result of this is that we’ve consolidated all of the binaries into one binary so now there’s only one file that needs to be redistributed with the customer’s application.” said Karl De Abrew, Debenu CEO, “We also added some new methods and improvements that have been requested by our customers and are going to be adding more to version 12 in minor releases based on customer feedback.”

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK is an add-on for Quick PDF Library, which is a popular PDF SDK used by thousands of developers worldwide to develop desktop, mobile, server and shrink-wrapped software solutions for hundreds of thousands of end-users.



Licenses are sold on a per developer, per platform basis for end-user applications and apps.

A license of Quick PDF Library must also be purchased along with the add-on Debenu PDF Viewer SDK.



Version 12.11 of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK, as well as version 12.11 of Quick PDF Library, are available for immediate release.

For more information visit the official website for Quick PDF Library (http://www.debenu.com).