Quick PDF Library 11 Accelerates PDF Fast Online PDF Viewing, Adds Delphi XE7 Support and More

Melbourne, Australia — September 10, 2014

Today, Debenu has announced the release of a major update to its flagship developer product, Quick PDF Library. Version 11 (officially v11.11) of the powerful PDF SDK is full-to-bursting with 24 new or enhanced functions, 25 bug fixes, and adds support for the latest version of the Delphi development environment, XE7.

Among its many improvements, Quick PDF Library 11 significantly increases the portability of created PDF files. Firstly, it now allows for the creation of relative links, allowing collections of PDFs and other files to be moved around more freely. Secondly, the new linearization (AKA byte-serving) function can produce PDFs that load one page at a time, drastically reducing loading times when they are viewed online. This acceleration is most marked for larger multi-page files. Continuing in the vein of improved display efficiency, the updated SDK also permits developers to programmatically render parts of a page, through the new RenderPageToClip function.

According to Debenu CTO Rowan Hanna, “Fast viewing was a key goal in updating the SDK. It’s similar to a pipeline system that is limited by the slowest point: if we improve the performance of our library, that in turn can accelerate any application built from it. Combined with support for the latest developer environments, that means that developers can use the latest tools to frictionlessly build applications that produce lean, fast PDFs. We’re very proud of this release.”

Highlights in Version 11.11

  • Linearization (Fast Web View)
  • Render page to clip
  • Relative link support
  • Delphi XE7 support

AvailabilityQuick PDF Library 11.11 is currently available for Mac and Windows development directly from the Debenu website and from Debenu’s network of resellers. Alternatively, a 30-day, fully-featured trial of the library is also available from the Debenu website.