Quick PDF Library Now Supports Android and iOS

Melbourne, Australia — June 16, 2015

Debenu, a world leader in PDF developer solutions, today announced the immediate release of iOS and Android versions of its popular PDF developer toolkit, in Quick PDF Library version 11.15.

The new version of Quick PDF Library delivers a truly cross-platform SDK to Debenu customers for adding powerful PDF functionality to applications on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.

The version 11.15 release also includes a variety of new functions, bug fixes and enhancements for all supported platforms.

Quick PDF Library 11.15

  • iOS and Android support
  • New custom digital signature dictionaries
  • New digital signature related functions
  • Fixed loading of PDFs with padded xref section numbers
  • Fixed rendering issue with color background
  • Fixed EMF to PDF conversion missing cross pattern
  • Embedded font rendering issue
  • Added 2 new DA functions
  • Rendering improvements
  • Form field flattening improvements
  • Font rendering improvements
  • 16 bug fixes, 2 enhancements and 9 new function

“18 months ago we started a project to make Quick PDF Library a truly cross-platform solution for today’s platform agnostic businesses. We’re now delivering the results of that hard-work to Debenu customers, many of whom are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to consolidate their third-party libraries on different platforms into one PDF library for all major platforms.” said Rowan Hanna, Debenu CTO, “We think that this new cross-platform library is going to deliver real value to customers in terms of productivity gains due to only having to learn and work with one PDF library and being able to reuse code in multiple projects.”

Quick PDF Library is a powerful PDF SDK used by thousands of developers worldwide to develop desktop, server, enterprise and mobile apps solutions for millions of end-users.


Licenses are sold on a per developer, per platform basis for end-user applications and apps.

Quick PDF Library can also be licensed for use on an unlimited number of Servers for a small fee.


Version 11.15 of Quick PDF Library, with iOS and Android support, as well as version 11.15 of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK (a drag-and-drop PDF viewer add-on), are available for immediate release.

For more information visit the official website for Quick PDF Library (http://www.debenu.com).