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The New Powerful Face of Debenu PDF Maximus 2: PDF Productivity Through PDF Automation

Melbourne, Australia — July 23, 2013

Debenu, a popular software developer that innovates for the PDF file type, unveiled a new version of Debenu PDF Maximus. The update adds a range of features and enhancements to the already robust solution for PDF automation.

PDF Maximus is a document management tool with a key promise of improving the use of the most precious resources in business, time and money. For anyone who is constantly making changes to documents PDF Maximus is a must have tool. It automates processes and cuts down workloads from days to minutes.

Karl De Abrew (CEO and Founder) explains “Technology has connected to all aspects of peoples lives now. We read our news, order our groceries and manage our money online. For business, PDF is the go-to document for sending information – it’s replacing paper,” De Abrew goes on to say, “PDF Maximus is a piece of software that is designed to make this happen, helping achieve a paperless workflow quickly and easily with PDF.”

Exciting New Features:

The updated version of PDF Maximus to 2.0 includes a robust arsenal of exciting tools putting the power at the users fingertips. Debenu has integrated with Windows Explorer allowing direct PDF editing. Actions and Action Lists are readily available for one click processing. 

  • Silent Printing makes electronic to paper an easy automatic process by adding the new feature to part of an action list.
  • Digital signatures, open passwords and document permissions are all part of security actions making security automation standards consistent across the board.
  • Creating functional e-books is now easier with PDF Maximus’ Intelligent Bookmark Generation capabilities.
  • Windows Explorer Integration and upgraded PDF viewer gives speedy results when editing and viewing at the same time.
  • Modern User Interface allows for new users to be trained up quickly and learn intuitively.
  • A new server version allowing for 24/7 functionality in the cloud as well as the modern user interface providing the best user experience for PDF Maximus.
  • Increased stability gives a user the ability to watch 100’s of folders, process thousands of documents.
  • Process PDF files with 30,000+ files, and sizes of 1GB+.
  • Positioned for users with roles requiring constant document processing.

Administration in banking and finance, accounting, law, pharmaceuticals, design or any management role; PDF Maximus’ speciality is significantly improving productivity by taking repetitive tasks and automating them.

The range of popular feature enhancements made, on top of the new features added to the list, creates a program ready for any business, industry or role.

Removing human error, action lists are faster and easier to use.

Debenu PDF Maximus is like a document team ready to complete any size task, at any time.

Projects are finished faster and with greater confidence in the changes being made. With correctly designed action lists, human error is totally removed from the equation. The optimized user interface makes speedier PDF viewing and an improved user experience.

Work smart tools for the PDF Maximus major update included the ability to automatically build bookmarks based on headings text masks and keyword lists. Re-enforced stability for watched folders now having periodic background checks ensuring files are not missed if there is an error, and general enhancements over all areas of the program.

Document Rights Management Supported

Passwords and restriction capability added so that within the creation of the new PDF’s when editing they can remain safe and secure from prying eyes. This is particularly important for those dealing sensitive documents. Digital signatures stability upgraded.

Automate in the cloud

Automation is taken to the next level with the upgrading of the file syncing services that became available in version 1.9, earlier in the year. With PDF Maximus’ watched list including a cloud drive like Dropbox, SkyDrive and more, extending workflow automation anywhere anytime is now feasible.

System Requirements

  • Desktop: Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (x86 and x64 editions)
  • Server: Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 (x86 and x64 editions)
  • RAM: 512MB, 1GB system memory recommended
  • Storage: 200MB of available hard drive space
  • CPU: Intel Pentium® 4 and above

Pricing and Availability Information

  • RRP Start at $199 for Single Licenses
  • Trial Download from Debenu’s Website
  • Online Purchase from Debenu’s Website
  • Version 2.0