11 New Features in Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 That You May Have Missed

Over the past 12 months Debenu PDF Aerialist has been given a new lease on life with its user interface completely re-engineered to work with Acrobat 9, Acrobat 10 and Acrobat 11. But the changes haven’t just been visual, a whole set of new features have been added and existing features have been enhanced. Here’s a short summary of 11 new features in Debenu PDF Aerialist 11 that you may have missed.

Audit Links and Bookmarks

In Debenu PDF Aerialist it has always been possible to generate a report on all links in a PDF file and get information such as a link summary, a list of external dependencies or even a list of broken links, but until now it has not been possible to get a list of all broken links in a PDF and easily fix them in the same place. Say hello to Audit Links:

Audit Links and Bookmarks in PDF files

The new Audit Links feature lets you quickly find all broken links and then fix them on the spot. You can even double-click on each broken link in the list and you will automatically be shown where in the document this link is located. Fixing broken links has never been so easy.

Link Action Editor in Audit Links

What’s more, you can even fix broken bookmarks with this new feature. Simply select the ‘Check for bad bookmarks’ option and click on the ‘Find’ button.

Audit Links - Edit Bookmarks

Export/Import Links

Exporting links from one PDF and importing them into another PDF is now a simple task with this new feature. Whether you want to replicate a set of links in multiple documents or backup links that you’ve created in a PDF before you re-create the PDF, this new feature has you covered. It even lets you specify header and footer links and gives you precise control over which pages links will be copied from.

Export and Import Links in PDF files

Generate Bookmarks from Table of Contents (TOC)

When dealing with PDFs it’s often more useful to have the table of contents (TOC) as bookmarks, instead of or in addition to, a TOC at the start of the document. This new feature lets you import the text and link actions from an existing TOC and generate a TOC using bookmarks.

Import Bookmarks from TOC of current PDF

It’s a powerful feature which will help make your documents more navigable with only a few simple steps.

Import TOC to Bookmarks

Bind Documents

Bookmarks make navigating around PDF files easy. This feature lets you interlink PDFs by automatically generating a set of bookmarks based on the folder and file names of the selected root folder. The set of bookmarks is then applied to each file separately in the root folder or alternatively all of the PDFs are merged into one PDF and the set of bookmarks is applied to it.

Bind Documents

Edit All Bookmark Properties

Edit all bookmarks for the current PDF. Change the appearance and style of the bookmarks as well as actions. Modify all bookmark levels or only a specific bookmark level.

Edit All Bookmark Properties in a PDF

Collapse/Expand Bookmarks

Collapse or expand bookmarks in the current PDF. Change all bookmark levels or only specific levels. To change multiple bookmark levels use the ‘Collapse defined bookmark levels’ option with the letter “L” for level followed by the level number (e.g. L1,L3).

Collapse and Expand Bookmarks


Imposition is an integral part of the prepress printing process. It involves the arrangement of the printed pages on the printer’s sheet, in order to obtain faster printing, simplify binding and reduce paper waste. Debenu PDF Aerialist lets you impose PDFs in numerous different ways. Choose step and repeat, N-up, 2-up or 4-up to create imposed PDF files that meet your needs. Control sheet size, margins, gutters and printers. Add trim and registration marks, control creep and bleed, and so on.

PDF Imposition

Mail Merge

Debenu PDF Aerialist extends the usability of PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat by allowing merging with text-delimited variable data files from local data sources such as spreadsheets, CSV files or text files.

PDF Mail Merge in Debenu PDF Aerialist is great for PDF-based mail merge, form filling, and other variable data applications.

Mail Merge

Create Keyword Links (enhanced)

The Create Keyword Links feature has been updated to work with multiple keywords at once. Setup all of the keywords that you want to add links to and then click the ‘Create All’ button to effortlessly create all of the links in one go.

Create Keyword Links

Delete Links (enhanced)

This feature has been updated to give you greater control when deleting links. Now you can choose to delete all working or broken links in the document or specify a page range for where links should be deleted.

Delete Links in PDFs

Sort Bookmarks (enhanced)

The Sort Bookmarks feature has been updated to make working with multiple levels of bookmarks easier. It gives you precise control over which bookmark levels are sorted.

Sort Bookmarks in PDF files

That’s it. 11 new features to make you even more productive at work. What’s more, we’re going to add even more fantastic features this year! Leave a comment if you have a feature request.

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