A Trio of New Functions

The latest major update to Debenu Quick PDF Library (version 10.13) added a trio of new functions for gathering information about fonts. Respectively, GetFontIsEmbedded and GetFontIsSubsetted reveal whether an entire font or only a subset are embedded in the PDF.

The third function, GetFontMetrics, gives you even more, and provides a range of information about font size and spacing, including: average character width, ascent, descent, internal and external leading and em square/em quad value.

Taken together, the three functions combine to form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, like Voltron

It can be challenging to work with fonts at the best of times. Embedding complete fonts might be required to meet archiving standards (e.g., PDF/A), but there is no uniform licensing scheme that permits this for all fonts. Two of the new functions are specifically designed to reveal the  embedding status of any given font, allowing users to avoid such headaches. Additionally, if you are building PDF content from scratch, for example, with Debenu Quick PDF Library, then information about font size and spacing is a crucial part of the typesetting process.

So, together, the new font-related features let developers check for possible problems and build better-looking PDFs.

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