Automatically import files to Benubird Pro using watched folders

The single most important thing to remember when using a personal document management system, is that you actually need to use it, for it to be effective.

That means you need to set a few rules and stick to them — when a new file comes in, you need to add it to the document repository, when you need to edit a file, you need to edit it from within the document management system, and so on.

This protects the fidelity of your documents and ensures that you will always be able to find the most up-to-date version of a document, with just a couple of clicks — one week or five years from now.

With this in mind, we included a feature in Benubird Pro that lets you automatically and silently import files from specified folders. You can setup as many watched folders as you require and they will constantly work away in the background, adding files that are placed in the specified folders.

Sounds good — but it gets better. There is also a number of options that you can configure for each watched folder, which are there to help you automate things as much as possible:

  • Continuously import files automatically and silently in the background
  • Choose which file types to add when importing files
  • Specify metadata that should be added to imported files
  • Automatically add imported files to a Collection

As you can see, using watched folders has the potential to save you a lot of time and makes organizing your documents even easier.

Read more about importing files using watched folders in Benubird Pro or download a free 14 day trial.

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2 Responses to Automatically import files to Benubird Pro using watched folders

  1. Mel says:

    Hi again
    Apart from adding files and manualy adding tags and collection data, are there any videos or other data about how to maximise use of Benubird?

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