Benubird beta 4 out the door

OK, after the next round of testing, this is it — the last beta before the official release of

In this version we’ve reviewed the watched folder system to see that it correctly supports Windows 7 both 32 and 64 bit. Additional keyboard support has been added where encountered for simple functions along with other minor enhancements and fixes related to the installer system.

Download your copy here – Benubird PDF beta 4

Other more substantial issues and features that we are looking at will be addressed in future versions.

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3 Responses to Benubird beta 4 out the door

  1. Rafael says:


    Could you make an option in Benubird Options or make by default this feature:
    – Preserve original file date.

    I just put a lot of documents/music/etc to organize and Benubird changed all my files dates to today (01/08/2010)… this doesn’t happens in older versions (far I can remember).

    🙂 Keep the good work!

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Rafael,

      Good point — we’ve had another person report this – it is a result of updating the info on the documents. However, as you say, it should not happen to all of the files. I’ll have this logged as a bug and we will see if we can find a way of working around this.

      Thanks for the kind words,


  2. As of the last few days most of the Benubird web pages do not work, with the images failing to load, causing IE8 to crash or hang even in compatability mode. Support is thus unreachable.

    Re Benubird pdf (free) I can upload about 3000 pdf files, create the database and edit it (non-repository mode). However, once the program is closed and reopened I just get an out of memory message (no other explanation) and it always crashes. I found a partial workaround. If the created database is saved elsewhere and then deleted, on restarting the program it will recreate the inital empty database. This database can then be simply replaced with the saved one, and it will work OK, but it needs saving every session as above; the fact that it will work this way suggests that the size of the database is not the issue. However, if you have defined new collections, these are only shown in the database pane but not in the library list (left side) so they cannot be selected (and there is no search category for collections). Evidently the program does not read the database to determine what collections are present, and there is no refresh option. Also, using some buttons (e.g. quick access toolbar) can crash or freeze the program. I know that the program is free, but there are clearly significant glitches here.

    It is also unfortunate that you can only select items within the database one at a time (i.e. no control+shift support for selecting multiple items).

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