Benubird released

Well, it’s here! After all that time – I hope you’re as pleased as we are…

Download your copy here – Benubird PDF

A few things — remember to keep us informed about any problems and features, you’d like to see in the Pro version (that’s the one that keeps us above the breadline) and also for the freebie (that’s this one).

Thanks guys.

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5 Responses to Benubird released

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  2. Adam says:

    I have been watching Benubird for a while now waiting for it to have a few features before I will be able to use it. Sounds like it is almost there. Does it support multiple users yet? I can’t seem to find anything about that on the site. Also, just to double check, can the database and repository be relocated to a file server? Finally, when is the Pro version due to come out.

    Thanks for working on such a great product.

  3. Jeff C. says:

    Also interested in knowing when Pro is coming out and what new features we might see.

    Was hoping to see support of:
    – Document Types with associated properties/data fields
    – linking of documents to each other
    – some edit features for scans like auto-deskew, crop, adjust contrast, remove punch-holes
    – tagging tool selection helper with hierarchical tag categories (like adobe lightstorm)

    The first 2 are supported in a product called sohodex that I am in processing of trail testing.

  4. Jeff C. says:

    regarding – tagging tool selection helper with hierarchical tag categories (like adobe lightstorm)

    Here is an example explanation of this:

    This would really add some power to this tool and I bet a default tagging hierarchy could be provided that would really make this tool unique and help get people started very quickly at efficiently organizing their documents.

    Does current version write collections and tags to PDF keywords meta-data?

  5. Jason Jones says:

    1. I’d like to see integration with QuickBooks. (There’s a big market out for this capability – just look at Intuit’s app store..).
    2. I’d also like stronger version control and differencing capabilities. (like each edit cycle increments a version control number and only the last “N” versions are stored in the database). Perhaps a “smart collection” that always shows the set of documents currently checked out for review/editing.
    3. Ability to configure where the repository is located and where the edit store is would be nice as well.
    4. Accelerator keys for everything, like ability to add tags, etc.

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