Benubird PDF Released

We’re pleased to announce that version of Benubird PDF has been released and is now ready for download from the Benubird updates page.

This is a maintenance release which includes the following changes:

  • Updated with adjusting library panels size
  • Updated with rendering pdf preview with Quick PDF Library
  • Updated forum url (
  • Updated with support chm and djvu file types
  • Fixed import file changing filename case issue
  • Fixed copy & paste on filelist issue
  • Updated QuickPDFAX0719 to QuickPDFAX0813
  • Updated BCGSoft professional library 16
  • Updated with Nova PV 7.5
  • Updated with SQLite 3.7.9

New versions of Benubird will be released in the following months which include more enhancements and exciting new features. Please let us know what you think about Benubird and this new version in the Benubird forum.

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3 Responses to Benubird PDF Released

  1. Mel says:

    I’ve barely used this tool and forgot what it was for! Am now getting reacquainted – thanks for such an elegant solution.

    Small glitch – am using .14.06 and it thinks I have the latest software so won’t update automatically to 07.


  2. Chris de Jong says:

    dear sir. madame,

    recently installed your benubird (Windows 7 64 bit). it manages to make a list of 50 or so file names. But after making a list of 600 names the program locks up immediately, no matter the startup modus.
    Any suggestions? Thanks

    Chris de Jong,

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