Benubird Pro Released, Includes New PDF Functionality

We’re pleased to announce the release of Benubird Pro This new version of Benubird Pro introduces a number of new features, bug fixes and usability improvements. The full list of new features is included here:

  • Convert any file that can be printed to PDF from within Benubird Pro by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Convert to PDF’.
  • Convert any file that can be printed to PDF and add it to Benubird Pro automatically in Windows Explorer by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Add to Benubird Pro as PDF’.
  • Use the ‘Add to Benubird Pro as PDF’ printer driver to create PDFs from any windows application that supports printing.
  • Add, edit or remove properties from PDF files effortlessly. Edit the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords property fields of PDFs.
  • All files added to Benubird Pro are now automatically added to a file repository. This protects files from being accidentally moved or deleted.
  • Files that are opened from Benubird Pro are moved from the file repository to the workspace. This ensures that when you edit a file you have a chance to wind back the changes by choosing not to re-commit the file to the file repository.
  • When exporting fields from Benubird Pro or opening files in the workspace the metadata associated with that file in Benubird Pro is written directly to the file (if that file type supports metadata).

The full press release for this new version can be found here: Debenu Announces the Release of its Personal Document Management Software, Benubird Pro

As always we welcome your feedback on the product — if you experience any problems with the new version or would like to request a feature, visit our support overview page to see the various ways you can communicate with us. Let us know what you think!

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