Benubird Pro now freeware and relaunched as Benubird PDF 1.4

In fitting with the introduction of the rest of our product line-up, ie. Quick PDF Library and freebie mini-app  PDF Tools, we’re now tweaking our focus to take advantage of our strong PDF background (and what we see as the core of the paperless trail today).

Yes, we’re powering up Benubird to really focus on PDF (mostly by way of using our sophisticated Quick PDF Library).

Therefore, we’ve made some small changes to Benubird such as in-built PDF Preview, moveable repository/library and PDF metadata to file metadata syncing. And whilst we work behind-the-scenes on bolting on an even greater range of PDF features and options, we’re making the current version freeware.

We’d like to see you drop by the forum and chat with the other users. So please, feel free to download and install Benubird PDF on as many computers as you like …

BTW — don’t worry, if you’re a paid-for-customer of the original Benubird Pro, we appreciate your support and we’re going to be offering you a free-upgrade to the commercial Benubird PDF Pro upon release.

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5 Responses to Benubird Pro now freeware and relaunched as Benubird PDF 1.4

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  2. Simone says:

    Will those downloading this free version be able to continue using it when it again becomes commercial ware? I already have a license so am not concerned in this regards,however, I have been lauding this program to others and they have questioned me on this. Thanks!

    • Absolutely — thanks for asking, the commercial version based on Benubird PDF will be Benubird PDF Pro. Much like AVG Free and AVG. The current version of Benubird PDF can be freely used and freely distributed.

      I hope this helps. -Karl

  3. Simone says:

    Yes it does. Thanks!

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