Collections bug corrected, finally – Benubird PDF beta 2

OK, have you got some time to spare – then take a look at Benubird PDF beta 2. We’ll be letting it out the door shortly, but while we give it the final look over, here’s your chance to do so yourself and let us know if there’s anything obvious that you pick-up.

As well as fixing the much reported collection issue — we also updated all of the major UI libraries and PDF drivers.

Download your copy here – Benubird beta 2

Note: it’s not fully 64-bit compatible — the main application itself and watched folders function. However, the Benubird PDF driver and the right-click shell menu are still in development.

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3 Responses to Collections bug corrected, finally – Benubird PDF beta 2

  1. Charlie says:

    I’m SO glad this got fixed. I was heartbroken when I found the collection bug, saw that there was no development in some time and thought that there wouldn’t be, ever. Benubird is such a perfect fit for what I want. Thanks guys!

  2. Some users of Windows may be prompted with the message “This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect” when loading Benubird.

    While we are looking into this for the next beta release, you can continue your preview by installing the following update from Microsoft:

  3. Note — this application configuration message has been fixed in the beta 3 …

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