Debenu PDF Aerialist 12 Released

The bottom-up process that drove the new version of Debenu’s ultimate Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) plugin, Debenu PDF Aerialist, was propelled completely by user based feedback

Debenu released the major update to the market leading, all-in-one Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) plug-in, Debenu PDF Aerialist. Version 12 of the world-leading plug-in is packed with dozens of new and enhanced features, and adds cutting-edge capabilities for existing functionality like link-building, working with bookmarks, and splitting.

The development team behind the latest version focused on two key new function areas: PDF links and PDF bookmarks. Lead developer on the project Marek Pizùr explained, “Users can now automatically apply dynamic hyperlinks to formatted variable text (i.e., regular expressions), such as part or order numbers. This is possible because we have added the ability to locate variable text, which can then be used to dynamically create specific links.”

While Debenu PDF Aerialist already permitted users to link page numbers and keywords across thousands of PDFs, adding support for regular expressions represents a new level of intelligence.

According to Debenu CTO Rowan Hanna, “This will save people a lot of time and hassle from manual link creation. If you have to create a large PDF catalog, this feature lets you automatically link any part number to the appropriate section, PDF file or web page that describes that part.”

Hanna went on to outline the customer-centric approach that guided the creation of Debenu PDF Aerialist 12, “This development cycle has been driven entirely by user feedback. Our main aim in building this major update was to ensure that we were able to deliver real value to our customers. We are now also offering instructor-led training in order to help our customers get the most out of Aerialist.”

# Highlights in Version 12 #

  • Regular expression support added to Create Keyword Links feature
  • Append found keyword to web links for Create Keyword Links feature
  • New Rearrange Bookmarks feature
  • Accuracy of Create Keyword Links feature improved
  • New “Overwrite if file already exists” enhancement to Split feature
  • New generate bookmark every Nth page feature
  • Word comparison enhancements to Edit All Properties feature
  • New Find All External Dependencies option for Audit Links feature
  • Import files issue for Imposition dialog resolved
  • New install for All Users or Current User option
  • New Mac installer

* Availability of instructor-led training to help users get the most out of Debenu PDF Aerialist 12

# Availability #

Debenu PDF Aerialist 12 is currently available for Mac and Windows systems directly from the Debenu website and from Debenu’s network of resellers.

# About Debenu #

Debenu is one of the world’s most innovative PDF and document management software vendors. Producing revolutionary software and custom solutions for Adobe Acrobat, PDF and other file formats since 2007.

Debenu was founded by the people behind ARTS PDF, a major plug-in developer for Adobe Acrobat, Planet PDF (the world’s #1 news and forum website for PDF), and Nitro PDF.


# Contacts #

Jeremy Koadlow – Marketing Manager

Debenu Pty. Ltd.


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