Debenu Quick PDF Library 11.15 Released

The final version of Debenu Quick PDF Library 11.15 for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android has been released and is ready for download from our product updates page.

This new version includes Android support, a number of rendering bug fixes, new digital signature functionality, improved file loading performance and a variety of other enhancements.

Visit the product updates page to download this new version and see a full list of the changes.

Download 11.15 from our Product Updates page

Version 11.15 Highlights

  • New custom digital signature dictionaries
  • New digital signature related functions
  • Fixed loading of PDFs with padded xref section numbers
  • Fixed rendering issue with color background
  • Fixed EMF to PDF conversion missing cross pattern
  • Embedded font rendering issue
  • Added 2 new DA functions
  • Rendering improvements
  • Form field flattening improvements
  • Font rendering improvements
  • Over 16 bug fixes, 2 enhancements and 9 new functions


Debenu Quick PDF Library 11 is a major new version of the product which means that the upgrade process is different from the minor version upgrade process, namely, upgrades are not free unless you meet certain requirements.

Free upgrades

Customers who purchased version 10 of Debenu Quick PDF Library on or after the 10th of July, 2014 (within 60 days of version 11’s release) or who own an active Premium Upgrade Protection subscription are eligible for free upgrades from version 10 to version 11.

Contact our sales team if you fall into this category and we’ll help you out.

Purchase an upgrade

An upgrade from version 10 or earlier versions to version 11 can be purchased at a discount (starting price is $269.00) through our online store. Users can upgrade their Single Developer, Multiple Developer or Source Code licenses to version 11. It’s also possible to purchase Premium Upgrade Protection with your upgrade purchase.

For example, if you own a Single Developer License + Standard Upgrade Protection for version 10 of Debenu Quick PDF Library then you will need to purchase the Single Developer Upgrade License + Standard Upgrade Protection (10.x to 11.x) product in order to upgrade to version 11 — though you can choose to buy the Premium Upgrade Protection version of that product if you prefer.


As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new version of Debenu Quick PDF Library. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, please let us know.

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