Debenu Quick PDF Library 9.12 Beta 2 Released

Debenu Quick PDF Library 9.12 Beta 2 has been released and is ready for downloading and testing. Version 9.12 Beta 2 includes Delphi XE3 support as well as new functions, bug fixes and enhancements. The 9.12 Beta 2 installer can be downloaded from the button below.

Download Debenu Quick PDF Library

Release Notes

New functions

  • SetOptionalContentGroupName
  • RemoveOpenAction
  • RemoveFormFieldBackgroundColor
  • GetFormFieldBorderColorType
  • GetFormFieldBackgroundColorType
  • SetFormFieldBackgroundColorGray
  • SetFormFieldBorderColorGray

Bug fixes

  • Font parsing matches all versions of Adobe-Japan1 encoding
  • PNG writer updated to prevent a possible invalid memory access
  • Fixed decoding of certain single octal characters
  • Prevent a crash by creating the /Fields array if it doesn’t already exist
  • Fix in GetFormFieldPage to prevent possible memory leak
  • NormalizePage now handles annotations with invalid /Rect entries
  • Fixed rendering of certain Type1 font glyphs (misaligned subpaths) by not resetting the hint stack
  • Fixed a problem loading documents larger than 2GB
  • Certain invalid Type1 fonts are now correctly replaced with Helvetica
  • Outlines linked to pages deleted using DeletePages now have their actions disabled
  • SetOptionalContentGroupVisible correctly sets the /OFF array
  • HTML text drawing functions now have better checks for content too large for the available area
  • Fixed font metrics stored in PDF with call to AddTrueTypeSubsettedFont
  • ExtractFilePages function now supports encrypted documents
  • Fix for 180 degree rotated annotations in NormalizePage
  • Fix for bug in DeletePages that was introduced in 9.12 Beta 1
  • Annotation cache is now correctly reset when moving to a new page
  • SetLineWidth uses the absolute value of the width
  • SetOpenActionDestination now correctly handles the rotation of the target page


  • Delphi XE3 now supported
  • HTML text tags updated
  • SetupCustomPrinter option 5 expanded to allow any DPI value
  • Speed improvement converting CMYK JPEG images
  • ReplaceFonts function improved to support more than just Helvetica
  • Improvements to determination of stream length in certain corrupt documents
  • Various internal optimizations to improve rendering speed
  • Speed improvements to DeviceN and Separation color calculations
  • Out of memory exceptions are better handled during image decoding
  • Document creation and modification date can now be set by the user
  • Removed certain limitations from text extraction mode 8
  • Annotation JavaScript can now be set/retrieved
  • Better font matching for non-embedded fonts ending with the -Regular suffix
  • New options added to NormalizePage to maintain existing content stream structure
  • Appearance streams for checkboxes and radio buttons are now correctly generated
  • Added support for tiled TIFF images
  • Speed improvements due to optimization of internal floating point to string conversion
  • Added text extraction options to ignore overlapping characters/words
  • Improvements to generated form field appearance streams
  • Improvements to performance of executing PDF functions
  • Optimized reading and writing of XMP metadata and XFA form fields
  • Optimized conversion of strings to floats
  • Better handling of OCGs during printing
  • Fixed image offsets for certain tiling patterns
  • Improvements to internal string list searching
  • Improvements to image decoding speed

Upgrading To Version 9

If you are still using version 7 or 8 and would like to upgrade visit this page:

Feedback! Any feedback large or small is appreciated. We’ll shortly be planning the next round of exciting new features for Debenu Quick PDF Library, so we’d really like to know what you want to see added to the SDK. Don’t be shy, email us at and have your say.

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