Debenu Quick PDF Library 9.14 Beta 1 Released

Debenu Quick PDF Library 9.14 Beta 1 has been released and is ready for downloading and testing. The 9.14 Beta 1 installer can be downloaded from the button below.

Download Debenu Quick PDF Library

Release Notes

New functions

  • ReleaseStringList
  • ExtractFilePagesEx
  • AddBoxToPath
  • SetSignProcessFieldImageFromFile
  • SetSignProcessBounds

Bug fixes

  • Fix for flattening of checkbox based formfields with existing appearance streams
  • Fix for NormalizePage when SetMeasurementUnit is set to something other than the default of points
  • Fix DPI for BMP and JPG output when using RenderDocumentToFile
  • RemoveDocument no longer crashes when the library is unlocked
  • Reverted previous bug fix for RemoveSharedContentStreams (9.13.BF.24)
  • Turn off inline images when TIFF compression is LZW based
  • Fix to GetOpenActionDestination to allow for either an Array or a Dict
  • DebenuPDFLibraryCMap fix and improvements for handling ligatures
  • Fix compilation issues in release builder with D4-D7
  • Fix compilation issues in release builder with D4-D7 #2
  • Fix for SetFormFieldValue with some CheckBox fields
  • Type 4 PDF functions using “atan” and “eq” operators are now correctly processed
  • Fixed the GDI+ import of GdipClosePathFigure and GdipAddPathBezier for 64-bit builds
  • Type 3 PDF functions now use an improved interpolation routine, similar results on 32-bit and 64-bit builds
  • Issues with Delphi 2005 builds fixed by disabling the use of inline functions
  • Allows Korean font to render correctly in Lang.pdf test file
  • Fix for rendering of CIDFontType2 that uses a ToUnicode entry
  • Fix return value of TQuickPDF.AddFormFieldSub function
  • SetAnnotRect now correctly handles the Index parameter
  • AddImageFromFile now handles compressed LZW TIFF images from libTiff
  • Correctly returns DPI for JPEG encoded TIFF’s
  • Minor CCITT compile warning removed
  • Floating point error during XPS generation fixed using default PNG DPI value
  • Fixes for SetFormFieldCheckStyle and GetFormFieldCheckStyle


  • Added Hebrew support to TMetaFile EMF import
  • Minor changes to eliminate compiler warnings for the Mac edition
  • Minor changes to eliminate (internal build) compiler warnings for the Windows editions
  • Added support for RenderCropType to RenderPagetoDC type functions
  • Generated cross reference streams are now compressed to reduce file size
  • Allow SetupCustomPrinter to work with SetPrinterDevModeFromString
  • AES-256 encryption (Acrobat X and later) now supported

Upgrading To Version 9

If you are still using version 7 or 8 and would like to upgrade visit this page:

Feedback! Any feedback large or small is appreciated. We’ll shortly be planning the next round of exciting new features for Debenu Quick PDF Library, so we’d really like to know what you want to see added to the SDK. Don’t be shy, email us and have your say.

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