Debenu Quick PDF Library: Coming soon to Android and iOS

We’re all very excited about this here at Debenu. The light is well and truly green, and the team is hard at work making Debenu Quick PDF Library for Android and iOS a reality, to be officially rolled out with the next major release later this year. We’ve been planning this for quite a while, but the pieces have finally fallen into place. We now know how and, more importantly, when we’re going to be able to provide this much-requested functionality to you, our developer community.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices really to seem to be the way of the future. Part of it is the growing power of portable computing devices. Today’s smartphones have significantly more power than the combined might of all the computers used to co-ordinate the moon missions. The moon missions, people! Actually, according to, even a humble pocket calculator is more powerful than were those impressive relics of modern history. That really just underscores the point, though.

This exponential growth in power, along with the spread of fast cellular and wifi data networks, has led to a corresponding growth in the utility of mobile computing. Android, iOS and other mobile devices are now in integral part of our lives and the way we work. For myself, I am inseparable from my Android smartphone, a Samsung Note 3. I’m constantly working on it, writing presentations, emails, speaking to customers via LiveChat and exchanging files when necessary with Google Drive. If you’ve ever heard from me, there’s a good chance it was courtesy of my large-screened, mega-work tool (that’s what I call my smartphone).

By the end of the year, you’ll be able to leverage the robust and flexible functionality of Debenu Quick PDF Library for use by people like me who live and work on our mobile devices. If you’re eager for a sneak peek, pre-release versions will be available on Debenu Labs for testing and comment before you know it. As usual, we’ll work to integrate your feedback into our development plan and iron out any issues you happen to find. We’d love to hear from you.

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