Filtering files using the Tags Filter

Previously we covered how to manage tags in Benubird Pro, and continuing on with that theme, in this post we’re going to show you how to use the Tags Filter to quickly pinpoint the file you’re looking for.

Adding tags to files

To add a tag to a file simply right-click on that file and select Info from the context-menu. Look for the Tags field and click on the Edit button next to it. The Tags Selection dialog will then pop-up.

Choose the tags you want to add to the selected file by double-clicking on them or using the arrows to move the tags, then click OK to have the selected tags assigned to your file.

Turning on the Tags Filter

Once you have added some tags to files you can begin using the Tags Filter. To show the tags filter select the checkbox next to Tags in the Show/Hide group on the Home ribbon.

Filtering using tags

On the right hand-side of Benubird Pro you should now see the Tags Filter, which lists only the tags that have been assigned to files.

You can immediately begin filtering the list of available tags by selecting one or more tags in the Tags Filter (multiple tags can be selected by holding down Ctrl and left-clicking). The file list will then be filtered based on the tags you have selected — only files that are associated with the selected tags will be shown.

The tags can be displayed in an Alphabetical or Popular order and you can switch the order by clicking on the column header.

Match all or Match any

At the bottom of the Tags Filter you should see two options — Match all of these tags and Match any of these tags. These options give you extra flexibility in deciding which files are displayed. If you select Match all of these tags then only files that contain all of the tags that the user has selected are shown in the file list, but if you select Match any of these tags then any files that contain at least one of the tags selected in the Tags Filter are shown in the file list.

As you can see, by using the Tags Filter you can easily shorten the list of available files, and thus quickly pinpoint the file you’re looking for.

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