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We’ve been putting the word out, but just in case you didn’t already know, we’re taking Debenu Quick PDF Library mobile for Android and iOS devices. It will happen soon, too — as in, later-this-year-soon. We’re excited. There aren’t a lot of mobile PDF SDKs around, but there are a few out there. We think we can do it better, though, because we have a secret weapon: you, our developer community.

While we will build the library, you will be the ones who (we hope) will want to build with it. That being the case, we want to start an ongoing dialogue with you about how to make and keep this the best PDF SDK for mobile out there.

Let’s start with the basics. What sorts of apps do you want to build? Some of the available libraries are very focused on PDF viewing. Some, like Adobe Reader Mobile SDK are really only designed for building consumer-level viewing apps. Most seem to support digital rights management (DRM), either natively or by allowing apps to open PDF files from memory, which allows integration with a separately bought or built document security infrastructure. Others, like Foxit Embedded PDF SDK and PDFTron’s PDFNet Mobile PDF SDK offer broader functionality, with additional features available via add-on modules.

We really want to know what you think, and we want to use your feedback to drive our development roadmap. Ultimately, we want you, our (potential) developers to have a strong voice in shaping the final product. The best way for you give us your two cents is to complete our survey, but please also comment on this post if you have anything else to say. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

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