How to backup the Benubird database file

We’ve had a few customers ask us if there’s any way they can back up the Benubird database. Well, there’s nothing built-into the user interface at the moment — however, I can tell you the location of the Benubird database file and you can copy this into your archive for safe keeping:

C:Users< username>AppDataRoamingBenubirdBenubird.db (Windows Vista | Windows 7)
C:Documents and Settings< username>Application DataBenubirdBenubird.db (Windows XP)

Now if you are using the repository and wish to back this up then the default location for this is as follows:

C:Users< username>AppDataRoamingBenubirdRepository (Windows Vista | Windows 7)
C:Documents and Settings< username>Application DataBenubirdRepository (Windows XP)

However – note that it is possible for you to change this within Benubird, so be sure to make sure you are backing up the correct location!

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4 Responses to How to backup the Benubird database file

  1. Dimitrios Spirou says:

    In your post you mention that the place of the file benubird.db can be altered. Will you please explain me how???

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Dimitrios,

      At this stage — you can only change the location of the repository, not the .db file itself – I didn’t make that clear in my original post. We do have this on our development list of requests.

      Cheers, Karl

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi; have there in the meantime been some changes implemented which do allow to select the location of the db file to be stored and backed up ?
    Regards Patrick

  3. Nick Wadge says:

    Will you be releasing an API for the Benubird PDF database in Java or, say, C#? The User Interface makes this the easiest way for me to populate the database with a complex parent/child/etc. relationship of thousands of inter-dependent PDF files, and being able to use this database directly to populate an Intranet site using ASP or PHP, as well as the ability to directly exploit the PDF repository by linking from the Intranet site, would be tremendously useful.

    Is anything like this slated for future release?

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