Introducing Debenu PDF Viewer SDK: An ActiveX Control for Displaying PDF Files

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK Box ProductWe’re really excited to announce the release of Debenu PDF Viewer SDK, a new visual PDF viewer ActiveX control, which will be sold as an add-on to Debenu Quick PDF Library version 10.

Debenu PDF Viewer SDK is provided as an ActiveX control which can be used to quickly add PDF viewing capabilities to Windows applications. While users of Debenu Quick PDF Library have always been able to construct their own PDF viewers using the rendering functions, we’ve had many requests for a more simpler solution that could be quickly added to an application in minutes and due to popular demand, we’ve decided to do it.

For now the PDF viewer control contains simple zooming, page scrolling and page flipping features. It will of course be enhanced further with each beta release based on the feedback that you give us and the desire you express for certain features.

Want to get started? Visit the new Debenu PDF Viewer SDK page to download the trial or purchase a license:

This viewer control is sold as an add-on for Debenu Quick PDF Library version 10. The price for existing version 10 customers is $350 and the bundle price if you need to purchase version 10 of Debenu Quick PDF Library and Debenu PDF Viewer SDK Add-On is $799.

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