Linking to Specific Locations within a PDF

Debenu Quick PDF Library has added a lot of new features in version 10.13. One of them is a new link builder. AdLinkToFileDest  creates clickable hotspots that link to the selected named destinations. Each destination corresponds to a specific page and location within a PDF document. Each link created in this way can point to either a different location in the same PDF (i.e., the one with the link) or to a different PDF document entirely.

Adding a link from one PDF to another is impressive, like getting a reverse parallel park right on the first try. If you want to be really impressive, try linking to a specific location within a PDF using Debenu Quick PDF Library’s new link builder. That’s like driving in at high-speed and drifting into the parking space.

Once links have been created with the new linker, the colors of their borders can be set using the existing function, SetAnnotBorderColor.

All of these added functions allow you to build the linking capabilities into your applications, which in turn empowers your end users.

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