Mobile PDF SDK: Debenu Quick PDF Library now supports iOS

After over a year of development we’re excited to announce our first official release of Debenu Quick PDF Library for iOS. It is now ready for download and purchase through the Debenu website.

This new version for iOS is the full Debenu Quick PDF Library API minus printing and EMF functionality. If you are familiar with developing using Debenu Quick PDF Library on Windows then doing the same on Mac and iOS will be a piece of cake when it comes to the library related code.

This new iOS version is part of our new cross-platform compatible library which already supports Windows, Mac and iOS, and will in the next few months support Android, Linux and Xamarin.

The new cross-platform compatible library is written in C/C++ which ensures that we’ll be able to support a variety of different platforms in the future as required. For existing customers who are big fans of Delphi, don’t worry, so are we! We will continue to develop and support the Delphi version in tandem with the C++ version. This allows us to cover a large swath of the developer market looking for a PDF SDK.  Unfortunately there won’t be a native Delphi solution for iOS, but we’ll provide an easy to use Dephi import classe that you can use to interface with the iOS static library which will make development easy.

At the same time as the iOS version we also released an updated build of the Mac version which has also been generated from the new C++ code base. It can be downloaded from the trial download page or product updates page as well. The Windows version of the new cross-platform compatible library is not live yet, but you can try the latest version of it from the Debenu Labs website.

Stay tuned for more updates of all our products and especially for the new Android and Linux versions coming soon!

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