New Beta Release for Cross-Platform and Mobile PDF SDK

We’re excited to unveil a project we’ve been working on for the past year. It’s no secret that we have been building a mobile version of everyone’s favourite PDF SDK. It’s Debenu Quick PDF Library, but re-imagined for a multiple operating system and mobile world. Currently, the cross platform library runs on Windows (32-/64­bit DLL and 32-/64­bit ActiveX), Mac OS X (32-/64-bit Dylib) and iOS (arm6, arm7, arm7s and arm64). We’re currently in the process of finalizing the Android release, which we’ll be rolling out in January, 2015.

In the first instance, we have been working towards a goal of feature parity across platforms. That said, we may be open to the possibility of platform-specific refinement in the future to best capitalize on the distinctive strengths of each platform. As of right now though, the beta versions of the Win, Max and iOS builds are available for download from Debenu Labs.

The future is bright for Debenu Quick PDF Library. We will continue to develop the Delphi, DLL, ActiveX, LIB and Dylib versions of the library. Going forward, though, our updated technological framework will allow us to produce binaries for iOS, Android, 64-bit Mac and LIB systems. We will also be able to add support for new platforms much more quickly than was previously possible.

Please do check out the beta and let us know what you think. True cross-platform support and particularly support for mobile platforms have been our most-requested features over the last two years, and we’re very proud to now be able to offer a truly cross-platform version of Debenu Quick PDF Library.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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