New class and file naming convention for Debenu Quick PDF Library 9

With the release of Debenu Quick PDF Library 9 — and as mentioned in the blog post about the version 9 release — a noticeable change has been made to the API’s class and file naming conventions. The “QuickPDF” file and class name prefix has changed to “DebenuPDFLibrary” and the “QuickPDF” function prefix in the DLL edition has changed to “DPL”.

Here are a few examples of the changes:

File / Class Name Old New
32-bit ActiveX DLL QuickPDFAX0816.dll DebenuPDFLibraryAX0816.dll
64-bit ActiveX DLL QuickPDF64AX0816.dll DebenuPDFLibrary64AX0911.dll
32-bit ActiveX class name QuickPDFAX0816.PDFLibrary DebenuPDFLibraryAX0911.PDFLibrary
64-bit ActiveX class name QuickPDF64AX0816.PDFLibrary DebenuPDFLibrary64AX0911.PDFLibrary
32-bit DLL QuickPDFDLL0816.dll DebenuPDFLibraryDLL0911.dll
64-bit DLL QuickPDF64DLL0816.dll DebenuPDFLibrary64DLL0911.dll
Delphi unit name uses QuickPDF0816; uses DebenuPDFLibrary0911;
Delphi class name var DPL: TQuickPDF0816; var DPL: TDebenuPDFLibrary0911;
DLL exported function names QuickPDFLoadFromFilee DPLLoadFromFile

The changes to the class and file names is part of our overall re-branding that we discussed earlier in the year on our blog (New Debenu Website Launched).

If you have any questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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