New Minor Release of Debenu PDF Maximus

We’ve just released a new minor release of Debenu PDF Maximus to fix a couple of issues with the way the Watched Folder Agent operates.

Previously the Watched Folder Agent would be launched automatically after you finished installing Debenu PDF Maximus and would sit quietly in your system tray ready for action. It would then re-launch itself into the system tray after every reboot of your computer.

Based on customer feedback we’ve decided to make a few changes:

  • The Watched Folder Agent will no longer launch after the installation completes.
  • The Watched Folder Agent will launch when you click on the “Start Watched Folder Agent” button on the “Watched Folders” tab in Maximus.
  • An option has been added to the Watched Folder Agent dialog called “Load on startup” which enables the user to choose if the Watched Folder Agent should be launched and added to the system tray on every Windows reboot.

We think these changes make Debenu PDF Maximus even more user friendly. Please keep up the feedback on Maximus, we love to hear all of your thoughts.

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