PDF Batch Processing with Debenu PDF Tools Pro

Over the years we’ve heard some wild stories from customers about how they’ve had to spend hours and hours manually updating PDFs files. One customer recently told us that before they started using Debenu PDF Aerialist (an Adobe Acrobat plug-in) to update the links in their PDFs via a batch process, they had to manually update 15,000 files… 15,000 files is a lot of files — but more important, it’s a lot of time and money.

The batch processing feature in Debenu PDF Aerialist has made work easier for many of our customers, that’s we decided to build a new stand-alone batch processing product — which doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat — so that we could make processing thousands of PDFs even easier for our customers.

Debenu PDF Tools Pro (previously Debenu PDF Maximus) is a powerful solution for batch processing PDFs which we offer at a very reasonable price and which doesn’t require Adobe Acrobat.

Save time, money and headaches by using it to automate the processing of your PDF files.

Process multiple files at once

In days gone by it was necessary to open PDFs in Adobe Acrobat or your preferred PDF editor and then perform manual actions on on the PDFs such as edit the document properties, stamp text or watermarks and flatten form fields.

This was time consuming because each PDF had to be opened independently and edited by a human being (who presumably has better things to do).

These days Debenu PDF Tools Pro makes it possible to perform these exact same actions but without needing to open the PDF and what’s more, it can process more than one file at a time. In fact, it can process thousand of files at the same time. No human involvement required, other than the 5 minutes required to configure the batch process Action List and press the Run button.

Being able to process tens, hundreds or thousands of PDFs at once means that you will save hours or even days of work, just by using Debenu PDF Tools Pro.

Perform multiple actions on one or more files at once

Debenu PDF Tools Pro lets you process one or more files at once, but it also lets you perform multiple actions on each PDF that it processes.

Want to add document properties to a PDF, flatten form fields, stamp a watermark and add page numbers? No problem. Want to perform those operations on thousands of files at once? Again, no problem. Debenu PDF Tools Pro has got you covered.

Focus on the important stuff and reduce errors

Debenu PDF Tools Pro not only lets you focus on the important stuff, but it also gives you more accurate results than you’d get if each file was manually updated. Applying the same Action List to each PDF means that each PDF is processed in exactly the same way. If each PDF was manually processed then there would be a big risk of spelling mistakes and missed steps slipping in to the manual workflow.

Download a 14 day fully functional trial version of Debenu PDF Tools Pro today.

…and if you have any feedback or feature requests about Debenu PDF Maximus, just shoot us an email or ping us on Twitter (@debenu).

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