Present and Future of Quick PDF Library

By Karl De Abrew, President of Foxit SDK, BU

After sixteen years, thirteen major versions (count ‘em!) and countless patches, we have taken Quick PDF Library from zero to hero; a modest one-man library to an awesome development product used by thousands of companies around the world.

But, the one thing that has not changed is our vision for the product. We see Quick PDF Library’s as a simple-to-use SDK (and low-cost!) that provides reliable functionality for the majority of PDF files.

n.b. of course, if you are looking to cover the niggly edge cases, then the big brother Foxit SDK is available for you, admittedly at a higher price point.

As you’d expect, being part of the big Foxit Software family we’re actively working on improving, updating, and optimising Quick PDF Library. We have more access to development resources and talent. This is shown in our two best version releases to date: v13, last year, and v14, which is releasing this Thursday. We still believe in the core principle that brought us to our current position: we can provide real PDF value to the small-to-medium sized business.

Moreover, you will be happy to see that we will be offering promotional prices for upgrades to v14, as well as new licenses, for a limited time, starting Thursday.

Finally, for people that have reported bugs and missing functionality for the Library, thank you. Your reports help us make Quick PDF Library bigger and better with every version. Our support team works to fix them as quickly as possible, and, on Thursday, you will see many of the issues you experienced in v13 have now been resolved in v14.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts on Quick PDF Library v14.

Best regards,
Karl De Abrew, President of Foxit SDK

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4 Responses to Present and Future of Quick PDF Library

  1. Michał Lipok says:

    I hope the same change will be in PDF ActiveX Viewer Standard.

    • Hi Michal,

      Which change? I may be able to confirm.

      • Michał Lipok says:

        In Debenu PDF Viewer SDK there was found speed issues.
        So I was hoping that in Debenu PDF Viewer SDK 14.xx speed will be combaprable do v12 or better.

        I will be happy to see also promotional prices for Debenu PDF Viewer SDK 14xx upgrades.

  2. Michał Lipok says:

    sorry for my english
    …”speed will be comparable to v12 or better”….

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