Provide Feedback On Debenu PDF Maximus And Go Into Draw To Win Prize

Debenu PDF Maximus is an industrial-strength solution for automating your PDF workflows when you need to split or merge PDFs, convert images to PDF, stamp text or watermarks on PDFs, extract text, control metadata and much more in a batch process or silently via watched folders.

Download 14 day trial or purchase.

Features include:

Win a Prize: Customers who provide feedback by way of a comment on this blog post or by emailing us will go into a draw to win a copy (eBook) of PDF Explained, a new book about PDF from O’Reilly Media. Five winners will be drawn randomly from those who submit feedback. Make sure your blog comment includes a valid email address.


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4 Responses to Provide Feedback On Debenu PDF Maximus And Go Into Draw To Win Prize

  1. bob boerner says:

    Using PDF file since 1993.
    Interested in your merge feature.
    Last month had to pay a great deal for merging two PDF files.
    I had two PDF files.
    One with 20,000 pages (each 20 pages made a set) and one with 5,000 pages (5 pages made a set)
    Had to merge (sets) made from 1st 10 pages from file one and five pages from file two.
    Creating 25 page sets.


  2. Rowan Hanna says:

    Hi Bob.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. It sounds like if you had to perform this merging of two different massive PDFs then it would have been a very time consuming tasks. Reminds me of a customer I was speaking with last week who told me about the time they had to manually update 15,000 links in a 5,000 page PDF. Not fun!

    So just so that I understand your situation completely, I’ve written out the steps I think you’ve taken.

    1. You have a 20,000 page PDF with consists of 1,000 sets of 20 pages. 1-20, 21-40, etc.
    2. You have a 5,000 page PDF which is similarly structured but with 1,000 sets of 5 pages.
    3. You want to merge these two PDFs together but mix the pages together like this:

    pages 1-20 come from set 1 in 20,000 page PDF
    pages 21-25 come from set 1 in 5,000 page PDF
    pages 26-45 come from set 2 in 20,000 page PDF
    pages 46-50 come from set 2 in 5,000 page PDF
    …and so on

    The end result is a 25,000 page PDF which consists of 1000 sets of 25 pages.

    Is my understanding of your situation correct?

    – Rowan.

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