Questions Answered: Submit a Question AND Help Grow the Debenu Knowledge Base

Just to be clear, we’re not asking anyone to write KB articles here. Just tell us about your PDF development problems and challenges — think of us as a PDF therapist. Picture the scene:

A frustrated YOU lies on a plush, leather couch, looking up at the ceiling. DR DEBENU sits on a nearby chair, attentively balancing a notebook on crossed legs.

DR. DEBENU: So, tell me a bit about what’s brought you here today.

YOU: I, well, I guess it all started when I needed to dynamically generate PDF invoices…

DR DEBENU: What a coincidence! I was able to help someone just last week with the same issue! In fact, I thought it might be helpful, and wrote an article about it for the Debenu Knowledge Base.

YOU: Wow, I feel better now! Thanks, Dr Debenu!

See? Easy. All you need to do is leave a comment that outlines your PDF-related query and which Debenu product you think might be best suited to the task. Not only will you get support for your immediate issue, you might inspire a Knowledge Base article. You’d be able to send it to other users to save time with explanations, and the article could help future users.

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  1. If I have a master document that refers to a set of subdocuments by name, can your tool automatically link them?

    For example, if I have three documents:

    And my master document contains the following text:
    This is Aaa and Bbb.

    Do you have a tool that will automatically link “Aaa” and “Bbb” in my master doc to their respective subdocuments?

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