Quick PDF Library 13 has been released

We are proud to announce the release of Quick PDF Library 13, the new version of our PDF SDK for independent developers and small businesses, completely Royalty Free!

Already well known as a market leader for it’s ease of use and versatility, the new version of Quick PDF Library is now powered by Foxit’s rendering engine. Foxit acquired Debenu recently, and as part of that deal, we wanted to bring Foxit’s cutting-edge technology to our Library. The product has been renamed, and more functionality has been added but the APIs are exactly the same to ensure a swift transition to the new version.

“We are so excited about this release. After months working close with the team at Foxit Software, we are proud to be able to deliver such a high quality SDK at the same affordable price point we have always been known for at Debenu.” Said Susana De Abrew, Chief Operating Officer at Debenu.

The now renamed Foxit Quick PDF Library is a multi-platform SDK for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.  Its complete functionality set allows developers to create, render, print, secure, merge, split and manipulate PDF files with just a few lines of code with minimum set up time.


  • PDFium Rendering support
  • Delphi 10.1 support
  • Font rendering and text enhancements
  • iOS Bitcode version

Pricing and Licensing

Quick PDF Library 13 is still royalty-free. However, the pricing has varied slightly.

  • If you wish to use Quick PDF Library to develop apps for internal use within your organization: $1.500,00 per developer per platform. Buy now.
  • If you wish to use Quick PDF Library to develop apps for external distribution outside your organization: please request a quote.

Upgrade from previous versions

You can upgrade to version 13 now by clicking here. We will maintain the upgrade price of $269 per license ($377 including Premium Upgrade Protection) for old customers as long as they upgrade before September 1st, 2016. More info.

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  1. Rene Lehmann says:

    What does a commercial (external distribution) version cost?
    Thanks for an answer
    Rene Lehmann

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