Royalty Free – Why and What Does It Mean?

You would have without a doubt noticed the fact that we put up a backdrop and a number of banners throughout the site. We added a tag line Royalty Free and had a new logo made that said PDF Freedom. So why? Why did we do all of this?

Royalty free is not an anti-monarchy campaign that Debenu has instigated against the head of the British Monarchy. Nor is it a pro-monarchy campaign. To be honest we don’t want to delve into the realm of rhetoric around politics, we make and distribute software so we will stick to that. What we are doing is so far removed from The Royal Family that it is just funny, a bit of a laugh. Royalty Free is our way of saying that Debenu will not charge you for functionality that you build into your software using Debenu Quick PDF Library.

At some stage in the future (sooner rather than later because things must move forward) the Union Jack will be removed from the background, the royalty free will be replaced and something new, focusing on the next product in the cycle. This is not in any way to suggest that Debenu Quick PDF Library is going to change the terms of it’s stance on Royalty Free, Debenu Quick PDF Library is always going to remain a royalty free product. It is one of the core benefits that we offer the developers who use the product.

Leaderboard Debenu Banner Ad Buckingham 728 x 90

Why the imagery?
When thinking of Royalty there are a number of images that are evoked within the minds eye. One of the most common is that of the British Monarchy and the Queen of England. This is represented easily with the Union Jack. Drawing inspiration from that and the Sex Pistols album, Anarchy In The U.K the images were created by a marketing agency we engaged. Not to compare ourselves to a punk rock band too much, we had removed royalties from products because we think they can be unfair and this was what inspired their creative. We like things to have a proper place and file to be honest. We’re organized.

Debenu splits up the old way of doing things, developing and paying Royalties after wards. We want a new model, a better model and we are emancipating ourselves from that. If you want to come for the ride amazing and if not, that’s ok as well.

Understandably it may be a slightly confusing concept at first, so we made a page to explain Royalty Free software easily.

We haven’t received any specific comment about the campaign neither positive nor negative but if you have some feedback, a question or anything thing else to comment about please let us know

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