Quick PDF Library (formerly known as iSEDQuickPDF | QuickPDF) acquired by Debenu Pty. Ltd…

We’re (really) very pleased to announce that Debenu has acquired the rights to the Quick PDF Library (formerly known as iSedQuickPDF or QuickPDF) from iSed Software, a business division of SedTech (Pty) Ltd


Quick PDF Library was first released in Q1, 2001 by SedTech and has become one of the most popular libraries for creating, manipulating, and rendering PDF files.

Whilst development slowed considerably over the past few years, we’re happy to say that it’s now under new management. We’ve been feverishly working on a new and updated Quick PDF Library release “behind-the-scenes” bringing version 5.11 to 7.12

How to purchase

Customers who purchase the existing version 5.11 after Feb 3, 2009, will be entitled to receive a free upgrade to version 7.12 when it is released in mid-to-late Q1.

What’s new

Whilst full details on the 7.12 release are yet-to-follow, a number of the immediate updates are…

Major changes since 5.11:

  • support for Japanese fonts
  • links to embedded files
  • object caching in DA functions

Minor changes:

  • content stream parsing changes
  • support for color constants in html text
  • metafile world scaling
  • png transparency
  • array parsing improvements
  • tiff parsing improvements
  • implementation of simple truetype rasterizer

Upgrades and promotions

A low-cost upgrade will be provided for existing 5.11 users, details to follow…

A promotional discount from US$349 to US$249 is running for customers who purchase version 5.11 after Feb 3, 2009 until March 1, 2009 — using the coupon code of UNRIVALEDPDF, and a free upgrade to version 7.12 will be provided.

We’d love to hear from you — please send any questions through to the Debenu Team

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