Skype helps us communicate better

I was reminiscing this morning while browsing the web archival from 2001 — thanks Google — when it struck me just how profoundly the way we work, communicate and interact with the web and each other has evolved.

It’s hard to imagine that even just a few years ago, technologies like YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Skype, and many more, either hadn’t yet been created or were only just appearing on the scene. But today, we use them as if we couldn’t live without them, and indeed, we forget what it was like without them.

From my perspective, while Gmail has been a huge help with painlessly managing my email, it’s Skype that really stands out. Free calls to friends and business colleagues, extremely cheap calls to landline phones (local or international), video calls, conferencing calls, text messages to cell phones, etc, it’s brilliant. And because of Skype, I now no longer require a landline phone as the combination of a cell phone –it provides everything I need, for almost nothing.

It’s been huge help here at Debenu too — what’s not to love about free conference calls for meetings? What’s more, the quality of the sound is fantastic, even with 5 or 6 people on a conference call.

If you haven’t tried Skype, I highly recommend it.

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