Take Advantage of the Best Pricing We’ve Offered All Year on Debenu Software

If you thought that we wouldn’t throw an awesome sale just because we didn’t have a literal door to bust or shopping aisles to ransack, boy, were you wrong! From now until Thursday (1/12/2016) we’re discounting all Debenu products by 50%! These discounts include Quick PDF Library upgrades as well which makes it the perfect time to switch to version 13 if you missed the opportunity in September.

This is easily the best pricing we’ve offered on our entire line of products all year. These deal comes at a time when major improvements, such as the inclusion of the industry leading Foxit PDF rendering technology, have made our development kits better than ever. For example, Quick PDF Library Version 13 contains over 900 functions, added reliability, and speed-especially in the rendering department.

With the pricing applying to all Debenu products, it also makes this an ideal time to get your hands onto ActiveX PDF SDK which includes drag and drop functionality for easy integration. Especially if you have limited experience dealing with PDF technology.

How to get the deal

To benefit from the 50% Cyber Monday discount, contact the Debenu sales team and mention this blog post, or request a quote for any of our products before Thursday. Also, you can go to our store and use the coupon code ‘CYBERMONDAY’.

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