Write easy scripts to do just about anything to your PDF files

Debenu PDF Maximus is an awesome tool for performing tasks on lots of PDFs at once but it can’t currently do everything that our customers need it to do.

Debenu Quick PDF Library is an awesome PDF SDK for writing your own PDF applications, with an API that has over 700 functions and 10+ years of development behind it, but it requires you to setup a development environment and write your own applications to perform the PDF tasks that you need to.

The solution is self-evident isn’t it?

Debenu PDF Maximus + Debenu Quick PDF Library = Maximus PDF Script

Maximus PDF Script is a new feature in Debenu PDF Maximus that lets you write your own custom scripts using the Debenu Quick PDF Library API and run them inside the batch processing engine of Debenu PDF Maximus. Just like any of the default Actions.

There’s no need to worry about setting up a development environment for Debenu Quick PDF Library or whether Debenu PDF Maximus has all of the features you need. Now you can very easily create your own solutions to the specific tasks that you need to perform.

Upgrade to the latest Debenu PDF Maximus to get this new feature — for free!

To get this new feature just download the latest version of Debenu PDF Maximus and install it. It’s a minor release, so it’s a free upgrade. But if you think about the fact that you now get access to the full Debenu Quick PDF Library API from within Debenu PDF Maximus, it’s actually not a very minor release at all — it’s huge!


If you have any questions or feedback about the new scripting feature in Debenu PDF Maximus contact us or leave a comment on the blog. We look forward to hearing from you.

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